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Skin Tags & Thread Veins

Skin Tag Removal

Hanging pieces of fibrous skin. Fleshy large brown nodules which appear on the neck, eyelids, underarm, back, tummy, under breast and groin.

15 mins £40.00
30 mins £60.00
45 mins £80.00
1 hour £100.00

Thread Vein Removal

Normally they are linear, but can also look like dots or small clusters with legs that resemble a spider. They are found mainly on the nose, cheeks, and 'v' of the neck. Thread veins are caused by enlarged blood vessels that make the skin appear reddened.

15 mins £40.00
30 mins £60.00


Removal of small, fatty, white nodules which appear on the face.

15 mins £15.00


Seborrheic Keratosis, (wart)

Such growth must be examined by your doctor prior to the treatment.

A skin disorder due to the excessive growth of the top layer of skin cells. They may appear as just one growth or in cluster. They are most often brown, but can differ in colour and range anywhere from light tan to black and come in different sizes. 


Warts are small, rough, lumps that often appear on the face or hands and feet.

They can develop in isolation or in clusters.

Wart removal from £40.00


All qualifications and certificates available upon request.

These photos below are more examples of warts and tags removed at Visage

Warts Skin Tags Wart Thread Veins Seborrhoeic Warts Skin Tags Skin Tags Skin tags Wart Thread Veins


These are "before and after treatment"
examples of warts, skin tags and thread veins
which have been successfully removed at Visage

Seborrheic Wart

Seborrheic Wart

Seborrheic Wart

Seborrheic Wart

Seborrheic Wart

Seborrheic Wart


Wart Removed