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IPL - Impulse Light Treatment

Impulse Light Treatment

Light Touch Technology achieves permanent reduction of unwanted hair. Hair follicles are destroyed by the treatment, effectively removing any chance of re-growth. Light treatment can remove hair from virtually any part of the body - face, neck, back, bikini line, hands and legs, and is also capable of treating large areas of the body.

Most people experience hair reduction after an average of 3 to 5 treatments. following  a comprehensive consultation, if you are still planning to undergoing hair removal, you will be explained how the IPL works and what to expect during IPL hair removal. Afterwards you will be given a test shot prior to the treatment,  in order to make sure the best settings were used, and also to check for any bad reactions.

Also for skin rejuvenation - removal of blemishes and Thread Veins

IPL - free consultation

Upper lip   £30.00
Upper lip book 6 treatments £15 each
Chin   £30.00
Chin book 6 treatments £15 each
Lip & Chin   £30
Under the chin, and neck    £30
Extended lip and chin   £40
Full face   £50
Extended bikini line    £90
Extended bikini line book 6 treatments £50 each
Navel line   £30
Under arms   £60
Under arms book 6 treatments £40 each
Under arm and extended bikini  together £90
Full legs and bikini line from £180
Full legs from £120
Half legs   £70
Half legs & bikini   £100
Half arms   £60
Full arms   £90
Toes   £25
Hands   £25
Toes & hands together £40
Full chest and tummy   £100
Half chest or tummy   £50
Full Back   £100
Upper or lower back   £50
Beard definition   £50
Brows   £50
Neck   £50

For more information please call Mel Carne at Visage.
Telephone 01752 201 048